Floriade Dialogue

The self-supporting city

This special edition of Change Magazine features the Floriade Dialogue and food production worldwide. During the Floriade Dialogue 2009 - 2012, the scientific and praktical support programme of Floriade 2012, there are many questions about food production, such as green structures in cities, water efficiency in agriculture, urban farming and the quality of food. Institutionale and behavourial change is featured as well.

The magazine looks at food and the chain of food production. There is an article about the High Tech Greenhouse, the greenhouse of the future. Agroparks deal with scarcity and Shanghai deals with the question how to feed its inhabitants. Berry Marttin, executive member of Raboank and farmer's son, discusses the role of farmer. "The chain starts at the farm." In Mali, jatrophatrees generates jobs, food and energy. But change is featured as wel, with the fascinating story of Frances Moore Lappé. She suggests a change from a "scarcity mind" to an "ecomind".

Floriade Dialogue

'Be part of the theatre of nature; get closer to the quality of life.' The motto of Floriade 2012 also in action: in 2009, Floriade founded a scientific and practical support program named Floriade Dialogue 2009 - 2012.

High Tech Greenhouse 'thinks' like a plant

The High Tech Greenhouse gives an insight into the greenhouse of the future. Eighteen companies join forces, combining their specialisms to increase production in horticulture while reducing the use of energy and water. (pdf)

Agroparks deal with scarcity

The spatial clustering of different agricultural activities within agroparks contributes to reliable food-supply chains for fresh products. Researcher at Alterra, Peter Smeets, is involved in setting up agroparks worldwide. (pdf)

The chain starts at the farm

Often de crucial factor for production fo adequate food supply goes umentioned: the farmer. Executive Board member of Rabobank and farmers son, Berry Marttin, discusses the key role farmers have to play. (pdf)

Jobs and energy thanks to jatrophanuts

Is it possible to create jobs and economic growth through sustainable use of natural resources? Mali Biocarburant is an example of new ways to produce energy with a positive impact on resources. (pdf)

CO2-footprint of a kilogram of tomatoes

Organisations increasingly wish to understand the sustainability of products, such as CO2 emission. The Dutch horticulture sector has developed a tool for assessing the carbon footprints of vegetables. (pdf)

Floriade Dialogue quotes

During the dialogues sessions there were many speakers, about behavourial change and healthy food. Change Magazine made a selection of quotes.


Frances Moore Lappé spoke at the
fifth edition of Floriade Dialogue. In her books and publications she champions the power of people to take action through their own behaviour to balance the food chain. (pdf)

Herman Wijffels Innovation Award

Not only does the Floriade Dialogue Pavilion host the Dialogue meetings, workshops and debates, it also houses the exhibition of the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award. The award is designed to promote sustainable innovation and corporate social responsible entrepeneurship.

How to feed Shanghai?

Shanghai is usurping the surrounding land. A large part of agro-food production takes place in and around the city. Shanghai has therefore opted for an accelerated reform of food production, to modern agroparks. (pdf)

Opinion Jan Willem Erisman

Professor Jan Willem Erisman about nitrogen: "Nitrogen pollution has become one of the most important global environmental issues."

The balance between city and country

The word healing is central to Amsterdam's green vision. Plans to bring Floriade 2022 to Amsterdam supports this vision. It would be the showcase of a restored relationship between city and country. (pdf)