An ongoing debate on sustainable food and agriculture

Floriade Dialogue

'Be part of the theatre of nature; get closer to the quality of life.' That's the motto of Floriade 2012, not only in words, but also in action. In 2009, Floriade founded a scientific and practical support program named Floriade Dialogue 20092012.

By Xander de Bruine

Floriade Dialogue is an international platform and network that stretches far beyond Floriade 2012 and the boundaries of the Expo site. It brings together international professionals within the field of science, business and government to discuss topics such as safe food production, responsible use of natural resources and green architecture and business. The outcome of the dialogue sessions is summarised under the title: 'The Self-Supporting City'.

The emphasis of Floriade Dialogue is on influencing the process of social change needed to deal with the limitations of natural resources. It is an impetus to achieve intentions, collaborative arrangements and a multidisciplinary approach that will give context to future plans for 20202030. Floriade Dialogue will deliver a grid for the ultimate form of a self-supporting city, owing to the contributions of an impressive network of specialists, each from different perspectives of policy-making, science and economy. Since Floriade Dialogue started in 2009, the initiative has grown rapidly and the network now has over 500 international contributing experts.

The goal of Floriade Dialogue is in alignment with the vision of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). This intergovernmental organisation has officially recognised Floriade 2012 as an A1 category International Horticultural Exposition. IE's mission is for countries to share their knowledge and experience through World Expositions. In cooperation with BIE, Floriade 2012 is expanding its International
Horticultural World Exposition to a World Thematic Exposition.

Floriade Dialogue will develop a vision and practical approaches, a statement and consensus between participating countries at Floriade 2012.

08 mei 2012