Landscape Approach and how to finance it

This dossier is about landscape approach, about an integrated land management on the basis of multi stakeholder involvement and governance. About how to finance nature restoration, new approaches, about bridging the gap between the finance world and the one of biodiversity.

The African Landscapes Dialogue

Video Addis Abeba March 2017

Agribusiness takes the lead at African Landscapes Dialogue

Blog post 5: African Landscapes Dialogue

Solidaridad hosted a discussion session on the role of agribusiness in landscapes during the African Landscape Dialogue (6-10 March 2017) in Addis Ababa. Five entrepreneurs in Ethiopia were invited to take centre stage to present their companies and then immersed themselves in a discussion with a team of landscape practitioners on landscape challenges for their businesses.

The finance matter - a question of mapping coordination and infiltration

Blog post 4: African Landscapes Dialogue

Imagine a group of 20 people sitting around a big table. The scenery is a terrace with a beautiful exotic view from the warm hearted Hoarec Centre in Addis Abeba. The subject is money. Hard moolah. The discussion is lively, the outcomes more than usefull. Next steps can be taken. Finance can be learnt, a community of practice will be set up. This is the first of a series about finance and how to bridge the gap.

Policy as a magical black box

Blog post 3: African Landscapes Dialogue

“Sometimes policy is talked about as if it is a magical black box – you pour in evidence and a policy solution will emerge. This may partly reflect a wide range of different meanings of “policy” – from over-arching political commitments to legislation to public budgeting”, one of the participants of the discussion group on Policy noticed. The group of about 25 attendants had a lively discussion during the African Landscapes Dialogue in Addis Abeba last week.

A place for collaboration, candid conversations, and a passion for finding solutions

Blog post 2: African Landscapes Dialogue

How do we make landscape approaches sutainable in the long term?

Blog post 1: African Landscapes Dialogue

Bridging the gap between the world of finance and the one of biodiversity

Video CBD Cancun December 2016

In Cancun steps are made to bridge the gap between the world of finance and the one of biodiversity. In Addis Abeba during the African Landscapes Dialogue, next steps will be made and the African Community on Finance and Policy will be set up.

Greening finance & Financing Green

How to connect the worlds of finance and biodiversity for the good of nature and people?

Recent innovations are closing the gap between conservation and finance sectors, potentially unlocking billions for nature.